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About Us

When I was in my early twenties I suffered from a bout of cluster headaches, which if you’ve ever had them, is the most excruciating pain I could ever try to explain! I was in and out of hospital for several days and had various tests but they were unable to diagnose me and I was sent on my way with a few paracetamols and not knowing what the pain was. It wasn’t until a friend of a friend said they’d had a similar experience and it was known as cluster headaches and I should see a chiropractor in Oxford who had treated him. So we drove 2 hours to the chiropractor who after treatment found the atlas in my neck was out of place which he corrected and after ⅔ sessions, I’m incredibly happy to say I have never suffered from them again.

But it got me wondering, why did we need to travel 4 hours there and back to see a chiropractor that could treat me when I’m sure there were countless chiropractors in the local area that could have done the same thing? The big reason is because he was recommended and we were desperate and needed help so without hesitation we made the journey to see him to stop the pain I was suffering.

Even now my mum is traveling an hour to a chiropractor and an hour back to treat her neck pain, mainly because he has been recommended and because he’s good and then also because she doesn’t know anyone else despite there probably being a hundred other chiropractors she passes on her 2 hour journey.

Find a chiropractor was built to help people like my mum and I so we can find the best chiropractors closest to us. We want to offer you the very best people who can treat your specific issue and act as the recommendation for the best local chiropractors.

We hope you find this site useful and we hope that whatever you’re suffering with, it’s treated by an expert close to you so you can be free of pain.

All the best, Olly

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